South Africa joins PAGE

Cairo, Egypt, 2-6 March 2015 - South Africa has become the 7th country to join the Partnership, announced by the South African Minister for Environmental Affairs, her excellency, Ms Edina Molewa at the 15th session of the African Ministerial Conference on the Environment (AMCEN). A joint mission to South Africa by the five UN PAGE partners took place in late March to determine PAGE activities in the country.

An initial action plan for 2015 involves many aspects including the following:

  1. Developing a set of key indicators on green economy in South Africa
  2. Expanding the knowledge base on GE by undertaking specific assessments on a) industry and trade opportunities, b) green jobs , c) technical and vocational skills gap etc.
  3. Mobilizing a physical platform of key stakeholders to exchange views and accelerate action on GE, 
  4. Offering specific capacity building course on green economy concepts and strategies to a variety of stakeholders, expanding on the current ITC-ILO/DBSA series
  5. Working with leading higher-level learning institutions for a better understanding and integration of GE concepts in their curricula and marketing strategies

The South African government has already shown its commitment to transitioning towards an environmentally sustainable, climate-change resilient, low-carbon economy and just society. The country’s vision is outlined in numerous national policies including in the National Strategy for Sustainable Development and Action Plan, the New Growth Path, and the National Development Plan. With innovative policies for green funding and green jobs in place, South Africa has already embarked on its green economy transition.