SDG courses offered to public officials in MT-Brazil

Two online training courses are currently being offered by the School of Government of Mato Grosso in Partnership with UNDP.

The first one is:¨Integrating the 2030 Agenda and the Sustainable Development Goals", which has the public officials of the State and Municipal Executive Power of Mato Grosso as target audience.  It seeks  to strengthen  capacities and qualify local actors for the territorial planning and acceleration of the Sustainable Development Goals. 

The second course is focused on Sustainable constructions. The training is a following activity on the “Guidelines on Sustainable constructions for MT” elaborated by PAGE MT in 2021. The target audience are public officials from the secretariat of Cities. 574 people were registered.

The results of the PAGE flagship initiative in the state of Mato Grosso, Brazil, were presented in a webinar delivered on March 22, including the launch of two reports on  industrial policy for forest based activities and for the identification of technologies  for livestock production systems. The webinar had the participation of Governor Mauro Mendes, the ambassador of Finland to Brazil and the representative of the European Union.