Green Jobs Assessments: Just Transition

The third International Conference of the Green Jobs Assessment Institutions Network (GAIN) took place in December 2017 and invited its participants to reflect on the subject of “just transition”.

The conference was structured in the format of workshop with three sessions and invi-ted its participants to reflect on the subject of “just transition” by asking the following question: while a just transition towards green societies has the potential to create millions of jobs, what are the key needs on em-ployment losses, skills and social protection in region falling into long term unemployment and economic decline?

The conference offered GAIN the opportunity to present both positive and negative social and employment related outcomes of green economy and climate change policies trough quantitative and qualitative focused international research. 

In this framework the GAIN Training Guidebook: How to Measure and Model Social and Employment Outcomes of Climate and Sustainable Development Policies (2017) was launched at the conference. The main intended au-diences of the training Guidebook are policy-makers, statisticians, analysts and researchers in ministries, na-tional statistics offices, employers’ and workers’ organizations, research institutions and universities, and in-ternational organizations. Through the GAIN network and the training guidebook, countries can establish, in partnership with the ILO, national technical working groups able to guide the building of the models and the analysis of alternative policy scenarios.

This summary of the conference aims in a first part to highlight the main results of the conference, and in a second time to present the submitted papers on Just Transition after GAIN’s call for papers in partnership with the Input-Output Association (IOA). 

PDF icon GAIN 3rd Conference - Just Transition Report and conclusions

PDF icon Global Forum on Just Transitions Final Report.pdf

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