Successful Organic Production and Export E-Learning Course

This course aims to build the capacities of participants to understand organic farming and its benefits, and enable them to overcome production and export challenges.

The modules provide step by step guidance for conversion to organic farming, and monitoring benchmarks for quality assurance in order to meet the necessary standard and certification requirements for accessing local and international markets. The entire value chain and its formation is covered, from the moment an uncultivated piece of land is brought under organic production or a conventional farm is converted into organic, until products reach markets. The course focuses, in particular, on meeting the requirements of the EU market.

"Successful Organic Production and Export" is a product of coordination between the UN Institute of Training and Research and the UN Environment-UNCTAD Capacity Building Task Force on Trade, Environment and Development (CBTF), which draws on the work of leading international organizations, including UNEP, UNCTAD, FAO, ITC and FiBL who have conducted research and long-term trials of organic farming.

Financial support for this course has been provided by the European Union. 

Course material is available for download:

Module 1: PDF icon Why organic agriculture?

Module 2: PDF icon Organic production

Module 3: PDF icon Organic market and trade