This package of teaching materials for a semester-long course on “Inclusive Green Economy Modelling” is freely available to higher education institutions around the world. The goal is to support interested universities in establishing recurrent courses on modelling. Partner institutions can also choose to integrate components of the course into their...Read more

Most of us agree that our economies and lifestyles need to embark on a greener development path. But what does greening an economy mean? Which opportunities exist to advance sustainable development? What challenges lie ahead along this path?

This free and self-paced e-learning experience has been designed to equip you with...Read more

The 2nd Global Forum on Green Economy Learning will discuss the important role of knowledge and skills in designing inclusive green economy solutions. It will be held in conjunction with the Sixth GGKP Annual Conference and the 2018 OECD Green Growth and Sustainable Development (GGSD) Forum, 27-29 November 2018...Read more

Do you want to organize a training on inclusive green economy (IGE)?
Would you like to familiarize your staff with green fiscal policies?
Are you looking to develop a new curriculum to teach IGE?

The Community of PAGE Trainers can help you do that –

The global shift towards more sustainable practices in our...Read more

Knowledge and skills of stakeholders in Government, businesses, and civil society are a key determinant for effective green economy policy analysis, design and implementation at all levels. This guidance note provides methodological and organizational guidance to countries interested in taking a systematic approach to...Read more

The Resource Guide for Green Economy Learning Institutions aims to raise the visibility to green economy learning opportunities, enable collaboration and kick-start a global green economy learning network. It identifies knowledge-sharers, thought-leaders, and pioneers of green economy learning.

The interactive online tool allows you to explore universities and training centres near...Read more

The PAGE Advanced Learning Materials is a set of 15 advanced learning units on green economy with thematic focus on “Green economy policy assessments” and “Greening economic sectors”. The first section is dedicated to macroeconomic green economy assessments, explaining the purpose of green economy modelling, and detailing green job assessments and green...Read more

Green economy is gaining momentum and attracting the attention policy-makers, civil society stakeholders, and business agents from around the world. The number of countries developing and implementing green economy strategies and policies is growing. But do you know what green economy means in practice? Or what are the policy approaches...Read more

LearnGreenEconomy is a free network announcement and coordination list for practitioners active in learning for an inclusive green economy (IGE). This email-based list will serve as a knowledge-sharing platform to promote IGE learning-related activities and events, thus advancing the objectives of PAGE's Global Forum on Green Economy Learning.Read more