To inform policymakers, researchers and practitioners about the concept of Green Industrial Policies and the instruments available, the Partnership for Action on Green Economy (PAGE) has published three reports, which can be downloaded below: “Green Industrial Policy and Trade: A Toolbox”, “Practitioner's Guide to Strategic Green Industrial Policy”, and “Green...Read more

The “Green Industrial Policy: Concept, Policies, Country Experiences” report illustrates how green industrial policy can be a driver for a green economy transformation and highlights the social, environmental and economic co-benefits of green industrial policy.

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This tool-box provides an overview of trade-related green industrial policy instruments available and clarifies their structure and operation, while outlining their implications with regard to trade policy. Read more

This course aims to build the capacities of participants to understand organic farming and its benefits, and enable them to overcome production and export challenges.

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The practice-oriented course seeks to provide interested participants from government, business and civil society with an introduction to various approaches to promote and harness opportunities related to sustainable trade.Read more

The guide aims to ease the transition to green industrial policy by providing detailed guidance, highlighting a number of changes that are relatively easy to implement.Read more




What policies can countries implement to address the two defining crises of our timeCOVID-19, and the climate emergency? How do we build the next generation of leadersand those that inform and educate themneeded to advance green, structural change?

In seeking to answer both of these questions, the Partnership for Action on Green Economy’s (PAGE) new course on Green Industrial Policy could not be timelier. Developed by UNEP, UNIDO, and UNITAR, the course forms part of PAGE’s “Learning for a Green Recovery” initiative, and is available on UNITAR’s flagship UN CC:e-Learn platform. Learn more.