Applying to PAGE 

Applications are now closed. 

The PAGE Application Form provides information about the application process and guidance for interested countries. Countries join PAGE through a demand-driven and criteria-based selection process. PAGE support is subject to commitment of interested governments and available resources. A separate document, Planning and Implementing a National PAGE Partnership provides detailed information on planning and implementing PAGE at the national level. 

Programmatic partnerships with countries – which include capacity development, technical analysis, policy advice and collaborative learning – form the backbone of PAGE. In 2013, Mongolia and Peru joined PAGE as the first two participating countries. Burkina Faso, Ghana, Mauritius, and Senegal joined in 2014; China and South Africa became PAGE partners in 2015; Barbados, Kyrgyz Republic and Brazil (Mato Grosso State) joined in 2016; Guyana and Uruguay joined in 2017; and Argentina, Guatemala, India, Indonesia and Kazakhstan joined in 2018. By 2020, PAGE aims to catalyse the transformation process of 20 countries’ economies by shifting investment and policies towards the creation of a new generation of assets: clean technology, well-functioning ecosystems, and a skilled labour force with green jobs driven by strong institutions and good governance. 

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