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15 March 2018, Geneva, Switzerland – Many governments face the triple challenge of reducing environmental risks, while fostering economic growth and reducing poverty. Green fiscal reform (GFR) as a policy approach can improve fiscal consolidation, spur innovation, and help identify smarter ways for government taxation and spending.

By setting appropriate economic incentives and price signals, green fiscal policies can help shift consumption patterns and drive private investments in human, natural, social and clean-produced capital. For example, fossil fuel subsidies amount globally to 548 billion USD (IEA, 2013) and their reduction would unlock funding for investments in clean industries, renewable energy, and poverty reduction.

To meet the learning needs and build capacities of national stakeholders, Partnership for Action on Green Economy (PAGE) has developed this e-learning course on green fiscal reform. The interactive and practice-oriented course seeks to provide interested participants from government, business, civil society and academia with an introduction to various approaches and policy instruments for reforming government spending and revenue generation with the goal of supporting the transition to a green economy. The course will take place from 9 April to 1 June 2018.

At the end of the course, participants are given the opportunity to apply their newly acquired knowledge to a real-life situation in a specific country, region or sector by developing an action plan. The action plans are peer-reviewed by participants, as well as by the course moderator. While preparing a case study, participants identify a concrete problem context and relevant issues and define appropriate measures, resources and means of implementation.

A limited number of fellowships are available for eligible candidates. The application process and eligibility criteria are outlined in this note. The fellowship application deadline is 26 March 2018.

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