PAGE Steering Committee Meeting and Sustainability Week take place in Mongolia

18 – 22 September 2017, Ulannbaatar, Mongolia As the first country to join the PAGE partnership, Mongolia stands as a beacon for other nations wishing to pursue a green economic growth trajectory. Through the dedication of stakeholders across the economy, including government, private sector, academia and civil society, Mongolia has made significant progress in aligning national policies and targets with inclusive green economy principles, the Sustainable Development Goals, and the Paris Agreement on Climate Change.

During the week of 18-22 September, the Government of Mongolia hosted a series of thematic events, meetings with national partners, and the PAGE Steering Committee Meeting – a biannual meeting of representatives from the PAGE Management Board and Funding Partners. The week highlighted the important role of a cross-sectoral approach towards green economy, and the significance of interministerial coordination towards a shared national green and sustainable development vision. 

A delegation from Kyrgyz Republic, which joined PAGE in 2016, participated in several events throughout the week in order to learn from Mongolia’s experience in green economy policy reform. The delegation, led by Green Economy Advisor to the Minister of Economy, Kylych Djakypov, will incorporate best practices and lessons learned from the PAGE programme in Mongolia into their planning for a green economy in Kyrgyz Republic.

Mongolian News Agency Montsame captured key messages at a Press Conference held by the Ministry of Environment and Tourism. Watch the video here. At the Press Conference, Deputy Ministry of Environment and Tourism Ts. Batbayar highlighted findings of a Policy Brief prepared by PAGE on “Turning Challenges into Opportunities." 

The events received wide coverage in the Mongolian media. Please find a list of media coverage here.   




Thematic events on key workstreams

On 18 September, the Ministry of Finance hosted a Technical Meeting on “Sustainable Public Procurement (SPP): Actions and Future Plans," co-hosted by the Ministry of Environment and Tourism and PAGE. The technical meeting presented the ongoing work on SPP, including a proposed legal amendment, an Action Plan on SPP, and SPP tools, including standards, eco-labelling, life cycle analysis, among others. 

Ms. T. Bulgan, Director General of Green Development Policy and Planning, Ministry of Environment and Tourism provides welcome remarks at the Technical Meeting on Sustainable Public Procurement


On 19 September, the National Development Agency hosted a “Stakeholders Roundtable on Harnessing Trade Opportunities in Transition to a Green Economy in Mongolia”, co-hosted by the Ministry of Environment and Tourism and PAGE. The Roundtable presented ongoing work in trade, including on identification of trade opportunities, agricultural development, export competitiveness, green production and green supply chains.

Deputy Ministry of Environment and Tourism Ts. Batbayar gives opening remarks


Following the Roundtable on trade, the Ministry of Environment and Tourism and the Ministry of Education, Science, Culture and Sports hosted a partnership event “Mongolian Universities for Sustainable Development”. The event identified key actions to scale-up initiatives to strengthen the contribution of higher education to sustainable development. 130 policy makers, public officials, administrators, managers and lecturers of national universities, as well as students and student organizations participated in the event. 


Learning from National Partners

In addition to these thematic events, the week also included a series of meetings with national partners Ministry of Environment and Tourism, Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Construction and Urban Development, the Economic Policy Competitiveness and Research Center, and a private bank, Golomt Bank, active in the Mongolian Bankers Association. Minister of Environment and Tourism D. Oyunkhorol affirmed her support for the green economy pathway in Mongolia, and noted that the PAGE partnership has been an important driver of inclusive and low-resource growth. Deputy Ministry of Finance Kh. Bulgantuya highlighted PAGE’s role in supporting interministerial coordination and evidence-based policy assessment. 

D. Oyunkhorol, Minister of Environment and Tourism hosts representatives from the PAGE Steering Committee and the delegation from Kyrgyz Republic

Deputy Ministry of Finance Kh. Bulgantuya discusses PAGE support on workstreams in sustainable public procurement and macroeconomic modelling

Mr. Batjargal, Director General, Ministry of Construction and Urban Development and private sector representatives discuss energy efficient and green building in Mongolia


PAGE Steering Committee Meeting

The Steering Committee Meeting was held over two afternoons on the 20-21 of September. The first session, held at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, focused on Mongolia’s achievements thus far under PAGE. The second session, held at the UN offices in Ulaanbaatar, focused on planning for the PAGE programme in the coming year across the 13 PAGE partner countries and globally, and on refining PAGE operations and model for supporting a global transition to green economy.

UN Resident Coordinator Beate Trankmann provides opening remarks at the PAGE Steering Committee Meeting, hosted by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs


What next?

Throughout the week, Government and PAGE partners advanced planning for the sustainability of these initiatives and workstreams past the PAGE programme. Government ownership, collaboration with partners, and institutionalization of knowledge will ensure that Mongolia’s journey to green economy continues to advance. Mongolia remains a model for PAGE partner countries, as well as across the globe, for its impressive leadership towards a green and inclusive future.