PAGE small grants programme fosters local green economy initiatives in Mongolian provinces

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27 February 2018, Erdenet, Mongolia - For decades the only source of lighting at the regional public hospital in Mongolia’s Orkhon province came from high-energy inefficient bulbs that did not meet health and safety standards.

“I was hospitalized twice last year and stayed in the rehabilitation section of the hospital. When I first stayed the lighting was bad, some bulbs and lights were not working properly and those working bulbs did not have sufficient lights. It was always dark,” said S. Baljinnyam, an elderly patient.

The hospital in Erdenet, Orkhon’s capital city, is solely dependent on the province’s budget which usually falls short for routine maintenance, as is the case for many of Mongolia’s hospitals.  But thanks to a small project grant awarded by the Partnership for Action on Green Economy (PAGE) following a tender competition in 2017, the hospital was able to install LED lights in some areas and slash its annual energy costs, funded by the province, by an estimated 55 per cent. The diagnostic and medical center selected Erdenet-based And Energy LCC, the only Mongolian producer of LED lighting, to replace the old light bulbs, thereby fostering local green jobs.

“With LED lighting we have improved our energy efficiency, improved our cleaning, and provided a better and safer environment for our patients and staff,” said hospital director, B. Batsukh.