PAGE Morocco Holds Key Inception Meeting with Ministries and National Agencies

A milestone for PAGE Morocco, a first Inception Meeting was held virtually on 29 July, bringing together key ministries and national agencies, PAGE agencies and key stakeholders to officially begin strategic work in the country. This is the first of several virtual inception activities to identify needs and demands for PAGE Morocco. 

Overall, PAGE inception activities in Morocco will include consultations between PAGE agencies, representatives of government and key stakeholders to identify needs and demands, and secure national engagement and ownership for the PAGE partnership; joint discussions between PAGE partners and the national authorities to jointly discuss the scope of the inception phase, and initiate dialogue with a long-term perspective; and identifying programmes and ongoing initiatives in Morocco in the area of green economy, climate change and related issues.

In 2019, Morocco joined PAGE together with Thailand. Morocco identified upon joining the potential areas for assistance by PAGE including: 

• Initiating policy and fiscal reforms that align with some or all of the strategic areas identified in the second challenge area of the SNDD; 

• Strengthening the national planning process to ensure continued alignment with green economic principles; 

• Engagement with various sectors and regions identified in the SNDD to support coherent green economy policy reform; 

• Capacity development of public sector employees, civil society organizations and private sector to enhance efforts to establish an inclusive and sustainable economy. 

• Reconciling modernization of the agricultural and fishery sector and requirements of sustainable development; 

• Improving the value of forests to ensure their sustainable management; • Including industrial acceleration in a green economy trajectory;