Inclusive Growth

A transition towards low-carbon, environmentally sustainable economies and societies can be a strong driver of job creation, job upgrading, social justice and poverty eradication, allowing climate-resilient economic growth and sustainable development.

The livelihoods of the world’s rural poor depend on ecosystem services and natural resources, but unless degradation is curtailed, poverty and instability will deepen, and growth cannot be durable or inclusive. Fundamental shifts in development models are needed to address these challenges and foster a prosperous and more inclusive and secure world. Stronger measures are needed to protect and restore ecosystems to ensure they continue to supply the services that underpin development, while providing opportunities for those living in multidimensional poverty.

1/ Inclusive wealth: A new benchmark of performance

Chair: Edgar Gutiérrez Espeleta, Minister of Environment and Energy of Costa Rica

Co-Chair: Pushpam Kumar, UN Environment

Speakers: Sir Partha Dasgupta, Professor Emeritus Economics at Cambridge University; Cameron Hepburn, Oxford Martin School, Oxford; Shunsuk Managi, Kyushu University, Japan; Robert Smith, Consultant, Canada; Sofia Ahlroth, Senior Environmental Economist, WAVES, World Bank; Dirk Messner, Director of the German Development Institute


2/ Growth for whom? (Distribution, conflict and migration)

Chair: Nestor Batio Bassiere; Minister of Environment of Burkina Faso

Co-Chair: Astrid Skala-Kuhmann, Director, GIZ

Speakers: Daniar Imanaliev, Deputy Minister for the Environment, Kyrgyz Republic; Javier Mejia, Vice Minister of Labour, Colombia; Isabell Kempf, Co-director, UNDP & UN Environment Poverty-Environment Initiative; Hameeda Deedat, Acting Executive Director, NALEDI; Ashok Khosla, Chairman of Development Alternatives Group, India


3/ The search is on (Green jobs, employment and innovation)

Chair: Esther Byer-Suckoo, Minister of Labour, Social Security and Human Resource Development, Barbados

Co-Chair: Vic Van Vuuren, Director, Enterprises Department, International Labour Organization

Speakers: Ignatius Baffour-Awuah, Minister of Employment and Labour Relations of Ghana Samantha Smith, Director, Just Transition Centre, International Trade Union Confederation; Stephan Sicars, Director of Environment Department, United Nations Industrial Development Organization; Deidre Penfold, Business Unity South Africa