PAGE Holds First 'Dialogue to Advance Green Recovery' with UN Economists and PAGE Agencies


Gathering economists from UN Resident Coordinator Offices and PAGE agencies, PAGE launched a new series of Dialogues to Advance Green Recovery on 2 March 2021. The first session drew attendance from UN economists across 18 countries (16 PAGE Partner Countries) and welcomed UN Assistant Secretary-General and Chief Economist UN DESA Elliott Harris as the keynote speaker.  

The Dialogues are planned to occur quarterly throughout 2021, offering a dedicated platform for UN economists and agencies to exchange ideas on greening the economic recovery from the COVID-19 crisis and share best practices. The discussions will also serve as an open space to identify opportunities and challenges as well as the potential methods for moving action forward on inclusive and sustainable recovery options.  

Acting as an outlet to deepen the engagement between PAGE and UN Economists, the forum will also inform how PAGE can better support its partner countries in their respective green economy transitions beyond the crisis as well as further inspire a green transition globally. Overall, the Dialogues will aid in PAGE’s dedication to working in cohesion at the country-level, leveraging its inter-agency expertise and eliminating duplication of efforts.  

Key themes emerging from these discussions will also inform additional ad hoc sessions, such as on social inclusivity and green finance, to develop even deeper collaboration.  A common thread emerging from these sessions: innovation and investment will be crucial moving forward for a strong, sustainable and inclusive economy.


“There is still a deeply held belief that investing in environment and sustainability is somehow a cost. …Where is it written that sustainable behavior is more expensive than non-sustainable?” – Elliot Harris, UN Assistant Secretary-General and Chief Economist (UN DESA) 


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Keynote Address: Elliott Harris, UN Assistant Secretary-General and Chief Economist UN DESA



Fulvia Farinelli on Leveraging Regional Solutions for Green Economy Transitions


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Participants List 

Keynote speaker and special invitee: 

  • Elliott Harris, UN Assistant Secretary-General and Chief Economist - (UN DESA) 


UN RCO Economists: 

  • Fulvia FarinelliEconomist, UN RCO Argentina 

  • Peter AidooEconomist, UN RCO Ghana 

  • Nurjemal JalilovaEconomist, UN RCO Mongolia 

  • Luz Fernandez Garcia,Economist, UN RCO Peru 

  • Manop Udomkerdmongkol,  Economist, UN RCO Thailand 

  • Ricardo Orlando GottschalkEconomist, UN RCO South Africa 

  • Amie GayeEconomist, UN RCO Senegal 

  • Younes BenmoumenEconomist, UN RCO Morocco 

  • Wakhile MkhonzaEconomist, UN RCO Guyana 

  • Diandra PratimiEconomist, UN RCO Indonesia 

  • Roza ChoibaevaEconomist, UN RCO Kyrgyz Republic 

  • Sebastian TorresEconomist, UN RCO Uruguay 

  • Nurlybek TurarbekovEconomist, UN RCO Kazakhstan 

  • Stuart DaviesEconomist, UN RCO Barbados 

  • Marilyn Whan-Kan, Economist, UN RCO China 

  • Jaime Garrón BozoEconomist, UN RCO Guatemala 

  • Lorenza Jachia, Economist, UN RCO Serbia 

  • Sebastian Vauzelle, Economist, UN RCO Cabo Verde 


Representatives from PAGE partner agencies: 

  • Steven Stone, Chief, Resources and Markets Branch, Economy Division, UNEP; Member of PAGE Management Board  (FACILITATOR) 

  • Tim Scott, Senior Policy Advisor on Environment, UNDP; Member of PAGE Management Board 

  • Patricia Purcell, Private Sector Specialist, UNDP 

  • Babatunde Abidoye, Global Policy Advisor, UNDP 

  • Moustapha Kamal Gueye, Coordinator, Green Jobs Programme, ILO 

  • Marek Harsdorff, Economist, Green Jobs Programme, ILO 

  • Smeeta Fokeer, Research and Industry Policy Officer, UNIDO 

  • Amrei Horstbrink, Programme Officer; UNITAR  

  • Giuliano Montanari, Green Economy Advisor, UNITAR 

  • Fulai Sheng, Head, Economic and Fiscal Policy Unit, UNEP 



  • Hamza Ali Malik, Director, Macroeconomic Policy and Financing for Development Division, UN-ESCAP 

  • Ulukbek Usubaliev, Economic Affairs Officer, UN-ESCAP 


PAGE Secretariat 

  • Asad Naqvi, Head, PAGE Secretariat 

  • Ronal GainzaEconomist, PAGE Secretariat