PAGE countries share experiences on integrating Sustainable Development Goals

25 August 2017 - On 24 August 2017, Acting Head of the PAGE Secretariat, Asad Naqvi, moderated a virtual meeting on the position of PAGE as a contributor to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The virtual included presentations from representatives from Mongolia and Peru to showcase experiences with mapping the SDGs across national development plans. The meeting was attended by national coordinators from Mongolia, Ghana, Peru and South Africa, as well as stakeholders from across the PAGE community.

PAGE supports governments to work across sectors, seeking the integration of policies and strategies that will enable them to achieve multiple sustainable development targets through an inclusive green economy approach. Central to this objective is helping governments  to create the necessary conditions to meet their sustainability commitments, in particular the Sustainable Development Goals.

To achieve the challenge of implementation, the SDGs (and their respective targets) need to be translated into national and subnational policies with action plans that take a multi-stakeholder approach. PAGE works to share interdisciplinary information and expertise, while developed and supporting priorities aimed to achieve desired policy implementations.

Altantsetseg Sodnomtseren, PAGE’s national coordinator shared PAGE’s experiences in Mongolia, mapping existing policies against various Sustainable Development targets, and working towards a strategy for introducing policy to address the targets not covered by existing policy.

Representing Peru, Dorit Kempter discussed their progress in assembling a stakeholder committee to gather feedback on Peru’s policy capacity to meet SDG targets. Peru is currently in the process of finalizing national green growth strategy with input from the Global Green Growth Institute. SDG mapping is currently underway, which will provide information that will feed into a draft report from Technical Committee, and then be reflected in a presentation to the PAGE Steering Committee. There are also current efforts at greening the national accounting system by incorporating sustainability into modelling tools. 

PAGE is aligned with the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development by supporting policies and investments that promote income growth and employment, while at the same time reducing carbon emissions and pollution, promoting resource efficiency and the preservation of ecosystems.

Primarily, PAGE work supports SDGs 8 (Decent Work and Growth), 13 (Climate Action) and 17 (Partnerships). Firstly, PAGE is well placed to deliver on SDG 8 by focusing on generating sustainable growth, employment, income and wealth in an inclusive manner while reducing environmental risks. Secondly, by offering financial support, technology, access to environmental goods, capacity-building, trade promotion, and addressing systemic issues, including policy and institutional coherence, PAGE is contributing to SDG 17, to strengthen the means of implementation and the global partnerships for sustainable development in partner countries. Finally, PAGE works to support climate change action through low-carbon development plans in key economic sectors.

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