The PAGE Annual Report 2014 is now available to download

2014 was an important year for PAGE. The partnership grew and country work began in earnest. The year marked the inclusion of UNDP as a new partner, the upscaling of country activities, and increased visibility in the international community. During 2014, four countries joined PAGE: Burkina Faso, Ghana, Mauritius and Senegal. Mongolia and Peru were the first two PAGE countries, where activities started in 2013.

The PAGE Annual Report 2014 showcases how PAGE works at the national and global level, with detailed country examples and overview of global activities. The achievements in 2014 will be a central foundation for future PAGE work.

Some highlights for 2014 include:

  • In 2014 Mongolia adopted its Green Development Policy,
  • Peru launched its Lima Accord “Towards an Economy with Green Growth”
  • PAGE held its inaugural conference in Dubai, UAE, playing host to over 450 participants from 66 countries.
  • Burkina Faso,  Ghana, Mauritius and Senegal  joined PAGE.
  • UNDP joined the Partnership, bringing in their expertise and extensive country presence.
  • Global capacity building activities took off, with 450 people trained through e-learning, country workshops and at the two week Green Economy Academy in Turin, Italy.
  • PAGE had an exhibit at the UNFCCC climate conference in Lima, Peru where PAGE Peru presented its roadmap to their green growth strategy. 

 PAGE Annual Report 2014