PAGE and SEED Collaborate to Fuel Green Enterprises in a Green Transition 


PAGE and SEED, a global partnership for sustainable development enterprise  supportare uniting efforts to help amplify the impact of green enterprises — particularly for a green and inclusive economic recovery from COVID-19 and a greener economy beyond the crisis.

Focusing on micro, small and medium-sized enterprises (MSMEs), the collaboration aims at reducing poverty and sustaining livelihoods through the creation of green jobs and income, with small green enterprises as an entry point. Work will be targeted at the global and local levels in tandemAt the country level, the focus will be on mutual programme countries, including India, Indonesia, Thailand, South Africa and Ghana. 

The collaboration seeks to help build enabling environmentfor finance and policy and inform national policymakers on options to advance a green economy where MSMEs can thrive and help drive the sustainability transition needed to achieve the SDGs. Building on mutual track records supporting employment, enterprises and ecosystem building, together SEED and PAGE will be able to broaden both reach and impact through synchronizing activities and networks.   

Globally, the alliance will look at creating more visibility and opportunities for enterprises that contribute to a greener, more inclusive economic agenda and those that demonstrate their role in the green recovery and the green economic transition.   

The collaboration on green recovery began in late 2020, starting off with an exchange on MSMEs and green recovery in the context of a GEC-SEED Policy Roundtable in early 2021. Next steps will include developing connections at the country level and developing additional opportunities for joint outreach, including the SEED awards and PAGE global events.   


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