Pushpam Kumar

Dr. Pushpam Kumar is Senior Economic Advisor at UN Environment, where he works on mainstreaming of natural capital including ecosystem services into development policy. Currently, provides leadership to a number of initiatives. He leads the Proecoserv project supported by Global Environment Fund (GEF), coordinates Inclusive Wealth Report, leads Economics of Land Degradation (ELD) Partnerships Assessment and Valuation of Land Degradation and Co-Chairs the Policy and Technical Expert Committee (PTEC) of the World Bank-led Wealth Accounting and Valuation of Ecosystem Services (WAVES).

Dr. Kumar holds a Ph. D in Environmental Economics and is Honorary Research Scientist at the Earth Institute of Columbia University in New York . He is member of UN Environment's Steering Committee for New Enquiry on Greening the Financial Systems, member of the UN Committee of Experts on Environmental Accounts (UNCEEA) New York, Advisory Board member of the Gulbenkia Ocean Initiative (Lisbon) and is closely involved in designing and conceptualisation of UN Environment's Green Economy 2.. Dr Kumar is a key member of the Steering Group from UN Environment's side contributing to Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) process.

In the past, Dr. Kumar has served as the scientific coordinator of the conceptual framework for the Economics of Ecosystems and Biodiversity (TEEB) and a member of Expert Panel of the National Ecosystem Assessment (NEA), UK (2008-11). Dr. Kumar was closely associated with the 2007 Nobel peace prize winning IPCC where he served as the Lead Author for the Fourth Assessment of the IPCC (Mitigation). He was co-coordinating lead author and coordinator of Responses Working Group of the Millennium Ecosystem Assessment (MA).

Since 1991, his research has been on designing and implementation of economic response options for management of biodiversity and ecosystem services. He has been closely engaged with the science-policy interface, natural capital accounting, food security, adaptation to climate change, and more recently, behavioural dimensions in poverty and environment dynamics. Dr. Kumar has published in peer-reviewed journals such as Science, Bioscience, Ecological Economics, Ambio, Ecosystem Services and International Development. He also has more than eight books by to his credit from reputed publishers such as Cambridge University Press, OUP, Edward Elgar, Rutledge, Earthscan, Sage, Island Press and McMillan. Recently, Dr Kumar has delivered plenary / key note talk in Ecosystem Services Partnership, Environment for Development, CIFOR-Earth Institute Initiative and Bioecon, Cambridge.