Pedro Jardim

Pedro Jardim works as a business activator around collaborative lifestyles in online and offline fields. He is a co-founder of Agora, Coliga, Apoio, Purpose Fund and steward at NEO TRIBES. Pedro is committed to fostering a more bottom-up decentralized society, exploring new forms of governance, ownership and approaches to combine low risk investment to lower the barrier of entry to spaces, education and the building of a more purpose driven economy. 

He spent some time in Bonn studying business administration in combination with philosophy and arts at Alanus University, working as an intern for DM where he experienced large scale management process. 

Currently Pedro studies psychology and philopophy at Open University focusing his research on group dynamics.He is also part of The Human Agency, the Network of responsible leaders by the BMW Foundation, and the Global Shapers and European Digital Leaders by the World Economic Forum 

He was born in São Paulo/Brazil where he lived until he was 17 years old when he came to germany. He has a real affinity for the Europe and specially german culture where he had the opportunity to live for more than 10 cities. He is currently based in Berlin.