Mongolia mobilizes financing for its Green Development Policy

Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia, 16 March 2016 - The Ministry of Environment, Green Development and Tourism and the Ministry of Finance of Mongolia in collaboration with PAGE have hosted a high-level meeting to mobilize commitment and financing from international and national sources for implementation of the National Long Term Sustainable Development Vision and the Green Development Policy. The event was scheduled to take place on 16 March 2016 and was expected to bring together representatives from Government, civil society, the private sector, academic and scientific institutions and development partners.

The Great Khural of Mongolia adopted the Green Development Policy of Mongolia in 2014. The Policy sets six strategic goals focused on promotion of sustainable consumption and production, sustainable ecosystem carrying capacity, increased investment in natural capital, human development and green technology, green lifestyle and green education and optimal population settlement.

In January 2016 the Government approved the Action Plan for implementation of the Policy. The Action Plan elaborates 255 activities with a timeline to accomplish by 2030. Implementation of the Action Plan will require the Government of Mongolia to mobilize 8 billion USD over the next 15 years.

Furthermore, the Long-term Sustainable Development Vision of Mongolia has also recently been approved by the Great Khural. The Vision defines the country’s priorities as the need to intensify agriculture, develop and export Mongolia’s organic brands, promote value-added final production, and attract more tourists.

The document also sets the goal to improve the quality of and access to healthcare, form a national system of lifetime education, eradicate all forms of poverty and reduce the rate of unemployment. Other objectives indicated in the document include protecting water reserves, building national capacity for climate change adaptation, developing sophisticated green urban planning, and improving waste management.