Mongolia adopted Action plan for Green Development policy

Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia, January 2016Mongolia is one of the fastest growing economies in the world and it has a vibrant democracy. Gross domestic product has doubled since 2010, although economic growth has slowed down recently. Growth rates are expected to rise again in 2016 with new mining investments, boosting employment in the mining industry and related sectors.

Mongolia was the first country to join PAGE in 2013 and is reframing its economic policies around sustainability.  In June 2014, the State Great Khural (Parliament of Mongolia) approved the Green Development Policy (GDP) for Mongolia. The GDP aims to ensure that green development becomes one of Mongolia’s fundamental goals. Furthermore, it has determined goals and objectives for green development and outlines actions to ensure these goals are achieved.

In Mongolia, PAGE has directly linked the development and implementation of the GDP, by providing technical support, fostering political commitment, and modelling economic, social and environmental implications of GDP targets.

In 2015, Mongolia took part in workshops to review Green Economy modelling; organised with its partners a National Green Economy Week, a High Level Meeting and planned work sessions during the National Forum on sustainable finance. With the support of PAGE, the Ministry of Environment, Green Development, and Tourism, Mongolia has recently developed and published a handbook “Introduction to a Green Economy”.

The on-going process towards sustainability and development plans went forward this month. In January 2016, the Government of Mongolia approved the Action Plan for implementation of Green development policy of Mongolia. Based on 6 strategic goals and 51 targets of the Green development policy the Action Plan prioritized 255 activities to be implemented in two phases; up to 2020 and to 2030. The Action Plan has incorporated many of PAGE initiatives and activities in support of Mongolia’s green development; particularly green development indicators, green jobs, green economy learning, sustainable public procurement, green building, sustainable financing and waste management. The Action Plan for implementation of Green development policy will reorient national economic development planning as well as guide sectoral policies towards inclusive and green growth.