Green Jobs for Sustainable Development

This online course provides an interactive e-learning opportunity to master the concepts and definitions associated with green jobs, involving a review of tools, selected literature and ongoing practices. Building on the ILO’s technical work in the promotion of green decent jobs and on PAGE country-level achievements in the transition to greener economies, tutors and participants will analyse and discuss the world of work's contribution to sustainable development, throughout a 10-week online journey.

In the promotion of sustainable development, the quantity and quality of jobs represent both an objective and an essential ingredient. While in the shift to a greener economy employment net gains have proved to be possible, it is also becoming evident that the goal of environmentally sustainable and social inclusive economies cannot be achieved without the proactive contribution of the world of work. This is why the ILO, through the promotion of green jobs, emphasizes the central role of employment and the workplaces as the locus for a better integration between the three dimensions of sustainable development.

Jobs are understood as “green” when they help reduce negative environmental impact, ultimately leading to environmentally, economically and socially sustainable enterprises and economies. The ILO stresses that green jobs are also decent jobs that provide adequate incomes, social protection and ensure the respect for the rights of workers.

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