Latin America Green Awards celebrate green economy champions

16 August 2018, Guayaquil, Ecuador - Siempre es posible cambiar - it is always possible to change, rang out the chorus of the song that opened the closing ceremony of the Fifth Latin America Green Awards (Premios Latinamérica Verde) on August 16 in Guayaquil, Ecuador. This year, PAGE was a key partner for the awards, underlining the role of green economy in Latin America as a key component for achieving environmental protection and prosperity.

The awards drew in 2,733 success stories, 38 countries and 713 participating cities. This was an increase of 324 projects and 44 cities over the in 2017 awards, clear evidence that the ambition and opportunity to develop ideas to protect the planet is growing in the region.

250 experts from 21 countries determined the rankings of the 500 best projects, as well as the finalists in each category of the award. Deciding of the overall winners of this year’s awards was an elite jury comprising: Matilde Mordt, Regional Director for Sustainable Development and Resilience at the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP); Franco Pizza, representative of Banco Colombia; Gael Almeida, Regional Director for Latin America and representative of National Geographic Society and Hugo Arnal, National Director of WWF Ecuador.

UNDP awarded a special recognition to the project "Conservation and Strengthening of Beekeeping in Biological Corridors of Chiapas, Mexico", for good practices in sustainable development – that is, a project that simultaneously advances people, planet, prosperity, peace and partnerships.

DIRECTV, an official sponsor of the event, chose four projects to be featured in the documentary "Protagonistas", which will be launched next year: Green Galapagos 2050 (Ecuador), Tying it all Together (Atando Cabos) (Chile), EarthSpark International (Haiti) and Healthy Oceans if we Recycle (Mexico). In addition, through its Generación DirecTV program, together with ATT, the Technology for Sustainability Award was presented to the Chilean projects Recylink, Reciclapp and Transvoz. They will receive technology training in the US.

Roberto Manríque, ambassador of the Latin America Green Awards, was encouraged by the presence of high-level participation at the event, including that of the President of Ecuador, Lenín Moreno. The gala closed with an intervention from the President of Sambito (Soluciones Ambientales Totales), Gustavo Manrique, who said, "the best future depends on taking a step to turn your dream, hopes and illusions into a reality. That is Latin America Green Awards, a tribute to the dreamers, to those who have the perseverance, the love, the faith to work in a better planet."

Find out more about the winners for the Latin America Green Awards here.


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