1-2 Dec 2015 Technical Team Meeting


Inputs for discussion for the Technical Team meeting on 1-2 December 2015

Session 1: Welcome, Highlights of 2015, Adoption of Agenda


Session 2 : Revised Operational Strategy

File Doc 2.1 Revised Operational Strategy

Session 3: Funding and Resource Mobilisation

File Doc 3.1 Research Mobilization Note and Follow-Up Actions Chart.docx

File Doc 3.2 Resource Mobilization Potential Table.xlsx

File Doc 3.3 Draft letter by heads of agencies for fundraising.docx

Session 4: Country Planning 2016: Ghana, Burkina Faso, Mauritius and Senegal

File Doc 4.1 Ghana Logframe

Microsoft Office document icon Doc 4.2 Burkina Logframe

File Doc 4.2.1 Burkina Faso Summary.docx

File Doc 4.3. Mauritius logframe

File Doc 4.3.1 Mauritius Overview

File Doc 4.4 Senegal Logframe

Session 5: Country Planning 2016: South Africa, China, Mongolia, Peru

File Doc 5.1 South Africa Logframe

File Doc 5.2 China Logframe Updated 11_dec.docx

File Doc 5.3 Mongolia Logframe

File Doc 5.4 Peru Logframe

Session 6: Conclusion of Day's Discussion

Session 7: Conclusion of Country Planning Discussion

Session 8: Global Products and Capacity Building

File Doc 8.1 Summary of Status of 2015 Global Activities.xlsx

File Doc 8.2 Summary of Status of 2015 Global Activities_UNITAR and ILO Updates.xlsx

Session 9: Financial Report, Annual Reports and Targets for Logframe

PDF icon Doc 9.1 Financial Reporting Note with Annexes

File Doc 9.2 Indicators Reference Sheet.docx

File Doc 9.3 Logframe shared at DSC-4 in Op Strategy.docx

Session 10: Mid-Term Evaluation and Sharing of Success Stories

File Doc 10.1 Mid-term Evaluation Proposal and Annex

Session 11: Country Applications: Barbados, Kyrgyz Republic, Turkmenistan (for Central Asia), Brazil and Niger

File Doc 11.1 Applications Evaluation Table.docx


PDF icon Doc 11.2 Barbados Letter to PAGE

PDF icon Doc 11.3 Barbados Annex to Letter

PDF icon Doc 11.4 Barbados PAGE response.pdf

PDF icon Doc 11.5 Kyrgyz Republic Full Application (English and Russian)

Microsoft Office document icon Doc 11.6 Kyrgyz PAGE response.doc

PDF icon Doc 11.7 Turkmenistan Application (on behalf of Turkmenistan, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan).pdf

PDF icon Doc 11.8 Turkmenistan PAGE response.pdf

PDF icon Doc 11.9 Brazil (Mato Grosso State) Governor Letter

PDF icon Doc 11.10 Brazil (Mato Grosso State) Research Center Support Letter

Microsoft Office document icon Doc 11.11 Brazil DRAFT PAGE Response.doc

Microsoft Office document icon Doc 11.12 Niger Application in French.doc

PDF icon Doc 11.13 Niger 2014 Minister Prime letter.pdf

PDF icon Doc 11.14 Niger PAGE 2014 response.pdf

Session 12: Summary of Follow-Up Actions and Closing