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PAGE Operational Strategy

PAGE agencies have drafted this Operational Strategy to reflect a shared vision of how PAGE will evolve and grow to serve more countries.

PDF icon PAGE Operational Strategy 2016-2020

 Planning and implementing a National PAGE Partnership

This guidance note provides information on how to plan and implement a national PAGE partnership under the framework of the Partnership for Action on Green Economy. It serves as a resource for national governments and institutions undertaking analysis and policy reforms, as well as international partners engaged in PAGE and green economy action.

PDF icon Guidance note for PAGE partner countries

PAGE Operational Manual

This manual provides guidance on operational aspects of the Partnership for Action on Green Economy (PAGE) considered of direct relevance to the five PAGE partner agencies. It therefore targets UN staff and consultants working on PAGE at global, regional and national levels, including National PAGE Coordinators. 

Specific objectives of the Operational Manual include to:

  • give an overview of global and national coordination arrangements;
  • describe in a short and clear way current operational procedures agreed by all partners;
  • minimize bureaucratic burden for implementation.

File Operational Manual (version July 2016)

PAGE Global Logframe

The PAGE Global Logframe establishes the framework for PAGE's objectives and how it will proceed to achieve them. 

File PAGE Global Logframe

Country Logframe Template

This is the standard template for all country logframes, which apply the global logframe to the national context.

File Country Logframe Template

Country Workplan and Budget Template

This is the standard template for all country workplans and budgets, aligned with the global logframe. 

File Country Workplan and Budget Template

 PAGE Annual Progress Report 2017 (internal)

This report summarizes all of PAGE's partner countries and global achievements during 2017.

File PAGE Annual Progress Report 2017

PAGE Monitoring Framework 2017 (internal)

The monitoring framework is the document in which all PAGE activities are recorded under its Output structure, as defined in the Operational Strategy. This Monitoring Framework accounts for activities which took place in 2017. 

File PAGE Monitoring Framework 2017 (internal)

 PAGE Indicator Reference Sheet

The Indicator reference sheet serves to further describe the indicators included in the PAGE Global Logframe and what results and activities can be reported against those.

File Indicators Reference Sheet

Evaluation form for national workshops and trainings

This form serves to obtain feedback on national workshops and trainings and to improve future editions. 

File Evaluation form for national workshops and trainings

Post-training Evaluation

This survey is used to collect data on participants that have benefitted from national, regional and global level training, and to monitor their increased capacity in Inclusive Green Economy related issues.

Post Training Evaluation - google survey

PAGE PowerPoint Presentation Template

This document provides a template for PowerPoint presentations on behalf of PAGE.  

File PAGE PowerPoint Presentation Template

PAGE Letterhead Template

This document provides a template for letters on behalf of PAGE. 

Microsoft Office document icon PAGE Letterhead Template

Terms of Reference for PAGE National Coordinators Sample

This document provides an example of suggested Terms of Reference for PAGE National Coordinators.

File ToR PAGE National Coordinators

Content and Substance of Reporting of PAGE Country Work

This document provides guidance relative to the content and substance of reporting of PAGE country work warranted for PAGE annual reports, PAGE monitoring framework and PAGE monthly survey.

File Content and Substance of Reporting of PAGE Country Work

Communications and outreach starter kit

The communications and outreach starter kit provides those working on PAGE activities information about how to maintain our brand consistency, how to use our logo, how to structure our publications, as well as high-resolution logos and artifacts. For vector logos or any other information, please contact Jessica Hyne (Communications Consultant) at jessica.hyne[at]

File PAGE Publication Guidelines.docx
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