July 2017 Update

Recent Activities and Events:

Side-event at SEED Board Meeting: A side event supported by South Africa, Germany, PAGE, and SEED Founding Partners took place on 13 July. The event focused on the importance of Small and Medium Enterprises for sustainability, poverty alleviation and more efficient resource use, and also identified realistic opportunities for action. For more details contact arab.hoballah@seed.uno

Peru: PAGE is contributing to the National Consultations on the Green Growth Strategy to be held in July with a synthesis report of the Green Economy Policy Assessment, which focuses on three key sectors, Agriculture, Forestry, and Urban Transportation.

On 23 June, PAGE hosted a Green Industry Forum titled, “Towards a Green Industrial Agenda for Arequipa,” which focused on green production processes and use of industrial waste.

A national workshop on Integrated Green Economy Modelling (IGEM) was held from 10-12 July. This workshop will catalyze the implementation of the IGEM tool throughout Peru.

For more details on these activities contact ronal.gainza-carmenates@unep.org

Uruguay: PAGE held a planning workshop with stakeholders to lay out the workplan and activities.

Upcoming Activities:

PAGE Side-Event at HLFP: The side-event, Recalibrating Market Forces: How Greener and More Inclusive Economies and Finance are Delivering on the SDGs” led by PAGE and the government of Finland will explore innovations that countries are leading to advance the 2030 agenda and to transform economies in ways that advance social wellbeing and ensure effective management of natural resources. Please circulate the event information to your delegations to the HLPF.

China (Jiangsu Province): PAGE Jiangsu II launch event will take place on 11-12 Sept in Zhejiang and 14-15 September in Nanjing. The event will include presentations and discussion on work in China including on green economy progress measurement, green industrial performance measurement, greening of industrial parks, a Green Economy Academy, trade, among others.

South Africa: The National Academy in South Africa will be held from 29 January – 2 February 2018.

PAGE Global Tools: In September, PAGE will launch two new reports: The Green Economy Progress Measurement Framework and the Integrated Green Economy Modelling Framework. These tools aim to share new techniques for green economy modelling and analysis.