Guidance for PAGE partner countries

This guidance note provides information and suggestions concerning a partnership between countries interested in and committed to greening their economy and the Partnership for Action on Green Economy (PAGE). It serves as a resource for national governments and institutions undertaking PAGE-supported analysis and policy reforms, as well as international partners engaged in PAGE and green economy action. Ultimately, it seeks to support sound planning from the outset with the goal that PAGE-supported activities are fully integrated within relevant national processes, owned by national institutions, and effectively coordinated with ongoing and planned national and international activities.


Specific elements covered in this document include the following:    

  • Scope, objectives, and intended results of a national PAGE partnership
  •  Key phases of a national PAGE partnership and relevant planning
  • Guidance for results-based planning at the programme and project level
  • Resources and support available from international PAGE partners
  • Project management
  • Monitoring and evaluation

The main phases of a national PAGE partnership are:

  • PAGE Inception
  • Phase Programme Implementation
  • Programme Evaluation

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