Green Jobs for a sustainable future in Argentina

The Green Jobs Fair took place on 6 September 2019 in Buenos Aires, Argentina and brought together over 700 young people, government, employers and private sector representatives. The Fair focused on sustainable ventures, training opportunities and a Just Transition towards a green economy. It was jointly organized by PAGE, the National Ministries of Environment, Production and Labor, the Government of the Buenos Aires City, the National Institute for Youth and other partners.

The Fair included more than 11 thematic workshops on opportunities for green jobs creation, sustainable production and responsible consumption. One of the workshops highlighted the interlinkages between Green Economy, Just Transition and the opportunities and challenges for green-jobs creation. The success of the event, made it clear that there is a great interest in learning more about green jobs and the overall transition to a green economy.

In Argentina youth unemployment is higher among those from lower income households- are affected by unemployment more than the adult population. While 26% of the youth in the lowest income quintile are unemployed, only 9% of the youth in the highest quintile are in that situation. Gender is another sign of job vulnerability: 25% of young women are unemployed compared to 15.4% of men. In Argentina, 34% of workers are in an informal sector, but if only young workers are considered, that percentage amounts to 60%.

The Green Jobs Fair was also attended by Sergio Bergman, State Secretary of Environment; Graciela Guzmán, State Secretary for Social Protection and Technological Change; Pedro Furtado de Oliveira, Country Director of the ILO Office in Argentina as well as representatives from the Trade Unions and Private Sector.

During the opening of the fair, the State Secretary of Environment–Sergio Bergman– highlighted the need to promote “changes in habits and paradigms for the creation of sustainable jobs”, with the objective that companies and entrepreneurs “are attracted to invest in the green economy".

The Director of the ILO Argentina - Pedro Américo Furtado de Oliveira referred to the findings of the Report of the ILO Global Commission on the Future of Work. He noted that young people demand a greater commitment from all sectors to guarantee environmentally sustainable jobs and decent work. He reflected on SDG 8: “Decent Work and Economic Growth” that aims to stimulate sustainable economic growth by increasing productivity levels and technological innovation while promoting policies that stimulate entrepreneurship and job creation.  

The event reiterated the commitment of ILO and PAGE to support Argentina’s national efforts to transition to a green economy, that is, an economy that is socially inclusive, economically strong and environmentally sustainable.

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