Green jobs: The future of work in Guyana

© Sam Rich 2009 (via Flickr)

11-13 April 2018, Georgetown, Guyana - As one of the newest countries to join the Partnership, PAGE and Guyana are exploring potential avenues for partnership and national support. A major tool that PAGE provides to partner countries is a Green Jobs Assessment; an economy-wide analysis that uncovers the sectors and gaps with greatest potential for employment and fair work, while protecting the environment. The Preparatory mission for implementation of PAGE's Green Jobs Assessment Methodology took place in Georgetown, Guyana 11-13 April 2018

The Guyanese government has fully embraced the importance of understanding the intersecting priorities of labour and the environment, concluding that the future Green Jobs Assessment model would become an integrated part of the implementation of its Green State Development Strategy. The Green Jobs Assessment model will provide the government with tools for impact assessment of the alternative scenarios of conventional and green jobs as well as on other economic, social and environmental outcomes.

Within the next three years, the Guyanese Green State Development Strategy will allow the government to better plan budgets for the short to medium term, and to model important macroeconomic structural changes and its impacts on social and employment outcomes. The government of Guyana will use the International Labour Organization's Just Transition Guidlines as a framework document for their development strategy.