Green economy: From theory to practice in Kyrgyz Republic

22 October 2018, Bishkek, Kyrgyz Republic - A Green Economy week was held in the Kyrgyz Republic last week, with a message that a transition to a greener and more inclusive economy is key for advancing the sustainable development of the country. 

The week was full of the side-events throughout the country focusing on various themes, culminating in a Green Economy Forum entitled Progress and Perspectives of Green Economy Development in the Kyrgyz Republic. It was here that a government program on the transition to green economy was discussed and accepted by almost 200 participants and a resolution developed. Already, the country has been out front on this issue: green economy concepts have already been integrated into the national strategic documents, including the long-term Strategy 2040 and midterm government program Unity, Trust and Creation.

To achieve sustainable development that improves social wellbeing, justice, efficient use of resources and a wide application of environmentally friendly technologies and innovations, the Kyrgyz Republic is well on the way to having a robust policy framework to enable its transition to an inclusive green economy.

“Green economy is a platform for sustainable economic development.” said Minister of Economy Oleg Pankratov. “For Kyrgyzstan, the green economy is considered as a prospective accelerator of sustainable development with water resources in the center of this model. Investment policy will be shifted to principles of minimization of nature intensity.”

Daniyar Imanaliev, head of the Economy and Investment Department of the Government's Executive Office said that the sectors of the economy in the Kyrgyz Republic such as agriculture, tourism, hydro-energy, and energy are heavily dependent on natural resources. Therefore, greening these sectors must be a priority, leading to a more thoughtful approach to consuming natural resources, more effective production, and national competitive advantage from the application of new technologies. 

“During the upcoming five years, we will make a transition to green economy. We have developed and phased in this transition, starting from the adoption and working with legislature, establishment of new institutions for promotion of the green economy, such as Center of Climate Financing, Fund for Project Preparation, Green Loan Fund, et cetera, and currently we are working on sectoral strategies along with the massive raising awareness campaigns”, said Daniyar Imanaliev.

Various other activities and events were held throughout the week. At the conference Green Funds of the Kyrgyz Republic: Trends and Prospects of Sustainable Finance Development, financial experts gathered to discuss and identify the role of the finance sector and potential finance mechanisms that could promote sustainable economic growth. In the subregions of Naryn and Karalol, producers and exporters learned about technologies to improve organic farming, and processes for gaining organic certification for exports.

In a presentation on sustainable public procurement, Z. Bayamanova, the State-Secretary of the Ministry of Finance noted, “a transition to sustainable public procurement in the Kyrgyz Republic is already a priority,” citing sustainable procurement targets inside the government’s current Program, and an ongoing project on Strengthening sustainable public procurement for the regional transition to an inclusive green economy.

Under the leadership of the Ministry of the Economy, the Green Economy Week was supported by PAGE Kyrgyz Republic, in partnership with the German Society of International Cooperation (GIZ), the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe (OSCE ) and the UN Development Programme’s Biodiveristy Finance Initiative (Biofin).