Green Economy Network for Change

In October, over 105 participants from 34 countries attended the 3rd “Global Academy on Green Economy” organized by the International Labor Organization (ILO) and the Partnership for Action on Green Economy (PAGE). The objective was to strengthen capacities and competences that contribute to shaping inclusive green economies that generate income and jobs, reduce poverty and inequality and protect the environment. Participants had the opportunity to immerse in a fact-based learning experience by exchanging innovative practices.

Within this framework, and as one of the resulting axes of action from the 2019 Academy, a working group of fifteen countries was generated to address the theme of “Technology at the service of Global Education”. The first meeting of the group took place on 11 November, coordinated by PAGE Uruguay. Among its objectives were: transferring knowledge, building capacities and maintaining the network in close contact.

Participants from the delegations of Argentina, Brazil, Mexico and Uruguay shared lessons and conclusions from the Academy and possible lines of work in their country on this specific subject. A second meeting will be held in February 2020 coordinated by Brazil, and a third in May 2020, to be organized by Barbados. Other countries have expressed interest in coordinating the upcoming meetings of the group.

ILO / Cinterfor is contributing by making available a virtual space where members of the group can share the materials presented and generated from the meeting. The space has a discussion forum to exchange on open questions and themes of interest.

In a period where the partnership is entering a second phase and planning on the most efficient ways to carry out South-South and triangular cooperation exchanges, these peer-to-peer learning sessions are key for the work of PAGE, as they cross-fertilize country operations and accelerate the transition to Inclusive Green Economies.