Experts gather to discuss green industry and trade assessment

28 August 2017, Geneva - On Monday, August 28 2017, PAGE hosted an expert workshop to gather feedback and ideas for the draft Green Industry and Trade Methodology toolkit.

Green Industry and Trade Assessments (GITAs) are a major tool offered by PAGE to determine opportunities for sectoral development to drive the new green economy. These assessments are undertaken in various PAGE partner countries, in collaboration with respective national partner institutes. To inform and guide the work of national partners, PAGE is devising a methodological toolkit for national-level Green Industry and Trade Assessments.

The toolkit will provide a concise but encompassing overview of trade-related green industrial policy instruments.

The toolkit is targeted primarily at national policymakers and green economy professionals and can be used in two ways: 

  • Firstly, the manual can be used as a stand-alone tool-box by government officials, policy-makers and/or trade negotiators who want to consider a wide range of trade-related industrial policy policy options to advance the transition to inclusive green economies;
  • Secondly, the present manual can be used as a trade-related tool complementing the PAGE Practitioner’s Guide to Strategic Green Industrial Policy from 2016.

The workshop gathered 15 experts from various organizations, including international organizations, NGO’s and Trade Missions to discuss the initial draft of the toolkit. PAGE will now integrate comments and feedback from the workshop, as well as additional comments received in written form, before the toolkit will undergo a second review process.

The toolkit is projected to be completed and released by December this year.