Country Updates (September 2018)

Burkina Faso: The National Coordinator partcipated in the National Policy Dialogue organised by Switch Africa Green 26-27 July 2018 in Ouagadougou. During this dialogue, the National Strategy for Green Economy was validated by the one hundred participants. Next step should be formal adoption of the strategy by the Ministry of Environment, Green economy and Climate change.

Mauritius: The Green Economy Learning Assessment has been finalised by the Civil Service College, Mauritius.

Peru: A workshop on Integrated Green Economy Modelling framework and tools was held in Lima on August 1st - 3rd. This workshop was organized together with UN Environment and the Universidad del Pacífico (to whom the T21 Model will be transferred in Peru), with the active participation of the Ministry of Production, Ministry of Environment, National Strategic Planning Center, National Statistics and Information Institute, Ministry of Transports and Comunications.

South AfricaValidation workshop on Bio composite Action Plan and Implementation Strategy took place.