Country Updates (SEPT 2021)


  • The PAGE National Coordinator and UNDP focal point participated as keynote speakers alongside parliamentarians and townhall members of the City of Buenos Aires in a webinar on "Green Jobs, Perspectives and Challenges" held on 14 July. The webinar, organized by the Metropolitan Foundation in conjunction with the Center for Metropolitan Studies (CEM), revolved around the strategies and challenges when implementing green jobs in Argentina.

  • On 28 July, the director of the Sustainable Industry Directorate met with the National Chamber of the Chemical and Petrochemical Industry, presenting PAGE's work related to sustainable consumption and production — focusing on the advances made on the National Plan for the promotion of the Circular Economy and showcasing that the transition from a linear to circular economy does not necessarily entail additional costs.


  • The Training of Trainers for the pilot course on Green Entrepreneurship was concluded in August, featuring 17 participants from Bolivia, Colombia, Ecuador and Peru. The course consists of two modules, supporting entrepreneurs to either develop a new green business or green processes in already existing businesses. In September, the course will be replicated for 16 migrant beneficiaries within the framework of the ILO Migration Project.

Indonesia and India 

  • On 9 August, PAGE held a peer-to-peer learning event between PAGE India and PAGE Indonesia on the process of conducting a Green Economy Learning Assessment (GELA).


  • The project for the Promotion of Integrated Management and Economy of Solid Waste (Promoged) officially launched on 24 June at the Mbeubeuss landfill. PAGE has previously contributed to the project by supporting rapid assessments on the waste management market and the potential of a cooperative waste management approach, in collaboration with the ILO and WIEGO.


  • Following the launch of Green Recovery activities in Mauritius last month, the Cabinet has agreed to the establishment of a National Steering Committee (NSC) for PAGE Mauritius to direct and supervise PAGE country work, related to the Green Recovery Programme, as a tool to meet the objectives of PAGE Mauritius while advancing national policies, strategies and programmes. The NSC held its first meeting on 20 August 2021, chaired by the Ministry of Agro-Industry and Food Security, with representatives from line ministries, the UNRCO and PAGE agencies, as well as from the private sector, research bodies and civil society groups.

South Africa