Peru: The Second Regional Green Industry Forum took place in the city of Trujillo on 14 November. PAGE held a bilateral meeting with the Ministry of Environment on 17 November on the PAGE Peru 2018 planning process. PAGE participated in two external events:  Ashoka´s Social Changemaker Day in Lima, on 14 November, with Peru 2021 (private sector and social entrepreneurs), and at the High-level regional forum on the implementation of Convention No.169 on indigenous and tribal peoples,  on 23-24 November.

South Africa: On 21– 22 November, PAGE held a workshop on Scaling Sustainable Trade through South African Value Chains: Organic and Biodiversity-based Agricultural Products Green Economy Industry and Trade.  28 participants took part into the workshop, 15 males and 13 females.  This workshop is aligned with SDGs 12 and 15 by identifying opportunities for organic agriculture and biodiversity-based products for trade and addressed sustainable production systems. On 28 November, a scoping workshop was held to assess opportunities for proposing a new PAGE workstream on green economy modelling. 20 participants attended the workshop. 

Senegal: On 27-30 November, PACEV (national green jobs programme) and PAGE conducted a training of traininers on entrepreneurship. 26 participants took part in the training, 18 male and 8 female partcipants, including 7 participants from Burkina Faso. All reported having enhanced their capacity in IGE related issues through the training. 5 officials from Senegal participated in the training program on ‘Opportunities for green jobs in the  waste sector’ at the International Training Centre of the ILO in Turin, Italy. 

Burkina Faso: PAGE and GGGI are collaborating on the integration of green growth concepts into the National Green Economy Strategy. From 27-30 November, PAGE conducted a training of traininers on entrepreneurship with the participation of 7 trainers from Burkina Faso (2 from the Ministry of Environment and 5 from the private sector), held in Senegal.