Country Updates (June 2018)

Burkina Faso: Switch Africa Green in Burkina Faso now has a local steering committee (The National Technical Coordination Committee), which is also envisioned for PAGE implementation.

Mauritius: The Green Economy Forum, held on 9-11 May by PAGE and the Ministry of Finance and Economic Development, featured the launch of the  Tracking of the Public Sector Expenditure Manual and Green Economy Learning Needs Assessment.

Mongolia: PAGE is supporting the integration of SDGs into  local-level development plans, including in Orkhon Aimag. In Orkhon, a working group held meetings on 28 May - 4 June to advance policy development.

Peru: PAGE has been invited to particiate in the development of the new Climate Change Law´s regulations, launched in May by the Ministry of Environment.

Senegal: From 29-31 May 2018, Senegal held the 3rd edition of its National Conference on Sustainable Development. The conference focused on the findings of a scientific commission on oil and gas exploration and exploitation, and associated environmental and social impacts. The research notably built on a report conducted by PAGE on how to manage oil and gas revenue in order to promote sustainable development.

South AfricaOn 14-15 May, PAGE and the Department of Planning, Monitoring and Evaluation (DPME) in Pretoria held a Green Economy Training Workshop. At the workshop, PAGE introduced key knowledge products and the Green Economy Progress Measurement Framework (GEP) to participants from the Department of Environmental Affairs, DPME and Statistics SA.

Uruguay: On May 9, PAGE organized a workshop to study international markets for repurposed materials and value-added waste. The workshop was held in partnership with the Ministry of Industry, Energy and Mining. 25 representatives from national and departmental government institutions and waste management companies participated in the workshop.