Country Updates (June 2017):

Mongolia: In June, PAGE Mongolia presented the report, "Gender mainstreaming in Green development policy of Mongolia," to Ministry of Environment officers at a meeting on the Linkage between SDGs and Gender Issues.

Government, university professors and scholars, research institutes, and think tanks discussed findings on the feasibility of incorporating green economy principles into university curriculum. At the meeting, they began to plan activities for creating new courses green economy and modelling and sustainable financing.

Burkina Faso: UN Environment is communicating with the Ministry of Environment to implement a green economy modelling (T21) training in Burkina. UN Environment shared a concept note on the activity as part of the framework of PAGE.

Ghana: A PAGE Project Steering Committee (PSC) meeting is planned for July, with new membership from SWITCH Africa Green. The composition of the PSC has been revised to reflect the long term vision of the government and to build coherency in green economy initiatives.

Mauritius: PAGE Mauritius held a meeting with the Stock Exchange of Mauritius in June to discuss developing a project on green bonds.

Peru: At the last Technical Committee Meeting of PAGE Peru, it was decided that the Model T21 will be used by the main institutions of the Peruvian State to inform the development of the National Green Growth Strategy (ENCV). To that end, a synthesis document of the Model T21 Final Report has been developed to facilitate the incorporation of its main findings into the ENCV, and the Ministry of Economy and Finance (MEF) has been invited to participate as a member of PAGE Technical Committee.

Senegal: PAGE is collaborating with the Directorate of Employment to integrate the national strategy on green jobs into the new national employment policy.

South Africa: On 13-15 June, PAGE organized an exhibit at Sustainability Week in South Africa attended by over 1,000 participants. The exhibition received a lot of positive feedback from stakeholders who had not yet heard of PAGE - globally or in South Africa. PAGE South Africa has also developed a brochure on its activities. 

China: Preparations are underway to host a Green Economy Academy at provincial level in November 2017.

Uruguay: A planning and stocktaking mission to Uruguay is planned for July 2017.

Guyana: A coordination and information mission to Guyana is planned for July 2017.




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