Country Updates (July 2021)


  • PAGE Indonesia has begun implementing its green recovery programme with a focus on circular economy, beginning with a “Rapid Assessment of the Food & Beverage Industry sub-sectors which contribute most significantly (economically, socially, and environmentally) for the green recovery” and an assessment on “Waste & CO2 reduction potential for selected F&B Industry sub-sectors” led by UNDP. This will be followed by in-depth assessments by other Agencies based on findings from the Rapid Assessment.


  • The National Policy for Decent Jobs, developed by the Ministry of Labor, was approved on 13 June by the Congress of the Republic. The Policy includes mentions of green jobs and just transition, elements supported by PAGE. 


  • Building up Sustainable Public Procurement in India, Green Room Air Conditioners (RACs) were launched in June on the Government-e-Marketplace (GeM),  an online procurement portal of the Government of India for commonly used goods and services. The launch was done on World Environment Day through the Ministry of Commerce, Ministry of Environment, Forest, and Climate Change, Energy Efficiency Services Ltd (EESL) along with GeM.


  • PAGE Uruguay is holding a course on Clean Production ongoing until August with 31 companies and 28 facilitators participating. The course seeks to strengthen the process of integrating green economy principles within medium and small companies to achieve efficiency in the use of resources, reduce impacts to the environment and improve competitiveness through the improvement of the capacities of entrepreneurs and workers.

  • To further support the ongoing Dialogue Space for Rural Women, the Institute of Economic Social Promotion of Uruguay (IPRU ) has been selected to undertake a capacity-building project for the group. The IPRU will focus on key areas, namely: identifying training needs in relevant socio-economic aspects; organizing workshops to address the central themes such as Decent Work, Green Jobs and Just Transition; trainings on Circular Economy and Green Jobs, with a gender perspective; designing and implementing a programme to provide seed funding to support women-led enterprises. 


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