Country Updates (August 2018)

BarbadosPAGE has been reviewing and identifying the priority areas for the new Barbados Government as articulated in the new administration's Manifesto, Throne Speech and Mini-budget. Consultations are underway with key Green Economy and Blue Economy stakeholders, to identify priorities that will be input into the work plan for Barbados under PAGE

Brazil (Mato Grosso State): PAGE is preparing a contract with SEBRAE Mato Grosso to support the elaboration of guidelines for standardization and certification of Sustainable Tourism Products. The study includes mapping practices, initiatives and policies of Sustainable Tourism, defining strategies, actions and a Roadmap for Sustainable Tourism, and developing a manual and guidance for the standardization and certification of sustainable tourism products and services.

Burkina Faso: PAGE and SWITCH Africa Green closely collaborated to participate in the National Policy Dialogue scheduled 26-27 of July in Ouagadougou. The national draft strategy for green economy has been reviewed by SWITCH Africa Green national steering committee (NTCC) in view of its validation

Mauritius: The 2018-2019 national budget, entitled Pursuing our Transformative Journey, follows a decidedly green economic model. It emphasizes strategies that promote inclusiveness and environmental protection as a means for achieving economic growth. At the centre of several of these strategies are key recommendations and insights that are consistent with PAGE’s green economy analyses and assessments.

Mongolia: Development of the National Action Plan for implementation of Minamata Convention to reduce mercury use in artisanal mining. Asian Minister's Meeting-Ulaanbaatar declaration on disaster risk reduction; Amendments to the Law of Mongolia on Innovation is under discussion. Disaster resistant infrastructure and improving urban capacities to fight disaster risks by MCUD

Peru: PAGE contributed to the implementation of a training on Green Jobs Promotion in the Solid Waste Management sector from policy design to project implementation. This 6 days training was implemented by SOCIEUX+ in collaboration with PAGE.

South AfricaPAGE concluded the Green Economy E-course pilot, implemented together with North West University. Training participants were from government departments at national and provincial level, NGOs and private sector.

Uruguay: PAGE supported the Director of the Office of Planning and Budget for his presentation of the National Voluntary Report 2018 for the fulfillment of the SDGs in the HLPF in New York.