Country Updates (August 2017):

Mauritius: There is a general increase of awareness on IGE in Mauritius with several initiatives going on, mainly related to renewable energy. The SWITCH Africa Green projects are progressing and contributing to this awareness. 

On 10th August, a meeting with all government stakeholders was held to brief them on the implementation of the Tracking of Public Sector Environment Expenditure (TPSEE), which is a follow-up project from the Public Environment Expenditure Review project (PEER) that was completed in March 2016. 

Senegal: On 14th August, the national strategy on green jobs is being integrated to the national employment policy. This process is involving the ministry of employment, the ministry of environment and sustainable development, national stakeholders from civil society, government, trade unions and employer's organizations, among others. The major objective is to create more green jobs. 

South Africa:  On 10th August, a meeting Jonathan Ramayia, GIZ Green Economy and Climate Readiness Support was held, with the objective to express the interest of GIZ to support the upcoming National Green Economy Academy in South Africa.

Kyrgyz Republic: South-South Cooperation has been reinforced by the new partnership between PAGE Kyrgyz Republic and PAGE Mongolia. A concept note to ILO is submitted to seek co-funding for a South-South Cooperation between PAGE Kyrgyz Republic and Mongolia. A concept note to ILO is being submitted to seek co-funding for this new partnership. This new collaboration seeks to learn from the best practices of PAGE Mongolia and Kyrgyz Republic, mutual exchange and learning.




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