Country Updates (April 2021)

ArgentinaThe Ministry of Labour has formally included the “promotion of Green Jobs and Just Transition” in its mission. An interministerial Social and Economic Council has also been set up by the Government with direct participation of the UN system envisioned, including PAGE acting directly as a provider of inputs for strategic policymaking. 


BarbadosPAGE participated in a radio programme on 3 March, hosted by the UNDP GEF Small Grants Programme, to discuss the green economy transition in Barbados and PAGE's role in this process.


South AfricaDr. Jenitha Badul from the Department of Environment, Forestry and Fisheries and Ozunimi Iti (UNIDO) discussed PAGE’s recent work on the Biomaterials Market Demand Strategy in an interview with Business Day TV


IndonesiaA rapid assessment on the effectiveness of green stimulus in the waste sector has been completed, with results shared with the Ministry of National Development Planning (Bappenas). The policy recommendation is mainly focused on promoting the refuse derived fuel (RDF) from municipal solid waste.