Country Updates (April 2020)

Mato Grosso: Six workshops were held in the municipality of Salto do Céu and surroundings with the objective of diagnosing the municipality from the perspective of the community and municipal managers in the urban and rural areas, for the implementation of the Municipal Master Plan, an activity developed within the scope of PAGE under UNDP's lead. 

Burkina Faso: A draft support project document on Green Economy to the implementation of the National, which includes the durability plan of PAGE, was completed. 
India: PAGE led the half-day session on IGE and PAGE intervention in the annual event of the Green Economy Coalition.

Mauritius: Workshops were held to focus on the training of trainers, to mainstream inclusive green economy principles into recurrent course offerings on strategic planning and project management, and to train secondary school teachers on mainstreaming inclusive green economy principles into school curricula. The training of secondary school teachers may also lay the groundwork for addressing the Government National Programme 2020-2024 pillar “Education and Skills for the World of Tomorrow".

South Africa: On 13 February, the Department of Environment Forestry Fisheries hosted a Steering Committee meeting to update on the progress made in finalising the National Employment Vulnerability (NEVA) and Sector Jobs and Resilience Plans (SJRP).

Senegal: The green economy training module developed for Senegalese government officials was presented to the participants of the Green Economy Days.