Country Updates (September 2019)

Burkina Faso: will complete the five-year support from PAGE at the end of 2019. A multistakeholder workshop to discuss and adopt the Sustainability Plan for Burkina Faso took place. The workshop was attended by 20 participants from the Ministry of Environment, Green Economy and Climate Change and from other line ministries. The sustainability plan received valuable feedback and inputs from the participants. The document shall be finalised and presented to stakeholders in October 2019.

Ghana: In August 2019, PAGE supported the completion of a Ghana’s metadata assessment. The Metadata provides information on climate change and green economy related indicators and is prepared to inform municipal and district assemblies in the development of their medium term development plans, measuring progress and reporting.

South Africa: PAGE organized a validation workshop on Green Economy Progress Measurement Framework. Also, an event was organized to Kick off Green Economy Modelling with focus on water and biodiversity nexus.

Mauritius: In August, PAGE Mauritius hosted a workshop to present results achieved and to identify priority sustainability areas for PAGE support in the country. UN Resident Coordinator for Mauritius, Christine Umutoni, gave opening remarks and participated in some of the sessions. Other participants included representatives from the Ministry of Finance and Economic Development and the Ministry of Industry, Commerce and Consumer Protection; the University of Mauritius, Business Mauritius, Civil Service College Mauritius and the Mauritius Institute for Training and Development.