WTO and Green Economy

Sustainable development and the protection and preservation of the environment are fundamental goals of the WTO. They are enshrined in WTO's founding agreement and underpin WTO’s objectives to ensure that trade contributes to higher living standards worldwide. For the past 20 years, in the Committee on Trade and Environment in particular, WTO Members have been discussing issues at the intersection of trade and environment with a view to ensuring mutual supportiveness and policy coherence. WTO Members are also discussing how trade and the WTO can contribute to the implementation of SDGs by making environmental protection more affordable (e.g. through the removal of tariffs on environmental goods), by facilitating the diffusion of environment-friendly technologies around the world, and by stimulating investment and innovation into environmentally friendly and efficient solutions, all of which would in turn contribute to the creation of new job opportunities. 

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WTO: Harnessing Trade for Sustainable Development and a Green Economy