Civil Service College Mauritius to foster Green Economy Learning for civil servants

PAGE and the Civil Service College Mauritius (CSCM) have signed an agreement to integrate Green Economy considerations into learning action and programmes available to civil servants and the broader population. The activities will help build capacities to develop and implement policies and projects to advance inclusive and sustainable economic development in Mauritius and achieve SDGs. 

More specifically, with PAGE support, the Civil Service College will:

Mainstream Inclusive Green Economy and SDGs aspects in the existing courses of the Civil Service College Mauritius, such as the strategic planning and project management training;

Broaden the offer of Green Economy e-learning products delivered by the Civil Service College, by integrating PAGE global training products in the existing e-learning platform. The courses can be offered to a broad audience including policy makers, business community, teachers, trainers and general public;

Enhance knowledge and capacity of high school teachers on how to ingrate Green Economy learning in the classroom. This may be done by organizing information campaigns through e-learning and other materials, consultations with key stakeholders, workshops, Training of Trainers (ToT), school competition, experience sharing, and evaluation of impacts and results.

The agreement builds on PAGE support to the Ministry of Civil Service and Administrative Reform (MCSAR) and the Civil Service College Mauritius for a Green Economy Learning Needs Assessment, which covered capacity gaps for, both, policy makers and the business community.