October 26, 2021

Uruguay’s new National Waste Management Plan was publicly launched on 7 October 2021, overall seeking to reduce waste streams destined for landfills, while also determining landfill closure and the installation of sanitary landfills. PAGE supported the design of the country’s new comprehensive plan, which has a ten-year scope and incorporates environmental, economic and social aspects.

October 26, 2021
Now in its third edition, the Uruguay Circular 2021 Award recipients have been announced in a ceremony held on 27 October.
September 28, 2021

With technical assistance from PAGE, a local-level training course, targeting technical teams from the country's municipalities, launched in September.

February 26, 2021

Launched on 24 February, the Circular Economy Laboratory (LabEC) is a platform that will aim to enhance the ability of businesses in Uruguay to contribute to the SDGs and circular economy. Aimed at both the public and private sectors, the platform will include training and knowledge building in the areas of Circular Economy, SDG Goals, and sustainable development, among other topics.

October 27, 2020

First launched in 2019, the second edition of the “

April 29, 2020

Uruguay has demonstrated economic growth as well as high levels of human development. Simultaneously, its open economy remains vulnerable to oscillations in the global market. Exports rely primarily on agriculture and livestock that are intense in the use of natural resources.

June 11, 2019

Uruguay, 5 June 2019 - Lanas TrinidadNIDOURUPLACPrendetec and Repapel were among the winners of the first-ever Uruguay Circular Economy