Day 1 – 26 November 2018

9:00 am   Registration

9:30 am   Welcome and introduction

10:15 am  Session 1: What’s the issue? Identifying critical knowledge and skills gaps for designing inclusive green economy policies

Expected results of session 1:

  • Common understanding of critical competencies needed for designing socially inclusive green economy policies;
  • Identification of major capacity gaps public administrations are facing and shortcomings of current training approaches;
  • Identification of challenges faced by education and training institutions in delivering effective training for green economy policy-making;
  • Overview of existing methodologies to systematically assess learning needs, and suggestions for further experience-sharing in this area.

13:00 pm   Lunch break

14:30 pm   Session 2: What solutions can work? Effective learning action for promoting a just transition

Expected results of session 2:

  • Recommendations for enhancing the scale and effectiveness of training (and other learning action) on green economy policy tools;
  • Lessons learned from integrating green economy concepts and tools within existing training programmes;   
  • Good practices in monitoring the impact and sustainability of learning action.

16:30 pm  Fair to share information about existing initiatives among participants

17:30 pm  Review of Day 1

18:00 pm  End of Day 1


Social event in the evening



Day 2 – 27 November 2018

9:00  Summary of Day 1 and introduction to Day 2

9:15  Session 3: How can we join forces? Fostering long-term partnerships for green economy learning

Expected results of session 3:

  • Agreement on main benefits of partnerships for green economy learning and type of institutions involved;
  • Identification of challenges in setting up and sustaining institutional partnerships;
  • Definition of action items to foster partnerships for green economy learning, building on existing networks and initiatives.

12:30  Wrap-up

  • Summary of follow-up actions
  • Outlook GGSD Forum and closing remarks

13:00  Closure of the Forum