27 April 2021

Defining Green Recovery

14:00-15:30 CET / 8:00-9:30 EDT

The UN Environment Management Group (EMG), in close collaboration with UNEP, UNEP-FI, UNESCAP, UNECE, UNECA, ECLAC, ESCWA, and RCNYO, is organizing a 3-part series of virtual Nexus Dialogues on Addressing COVID-19 for the Environment.

The introductory dialogue Defining Green Recovery aims at pushing the needle forward to frame the rest of the series through stronger operationalization, to effectively monitor, evaluate and verify the impact of recovery and stimulus measures on environmental outcomes.

It is followed by a second dialogue Financing Green Recovery focusing on the important role of the public sector, and fiscal policy, that can support a stronger and greener economic recovery, whilst creating a collaborative and enabling environment for the private sector to mobilize resources to Build Back Better.

Finally, the third dialogue Regional Nexus Approaches to Building Back Better presents case studies on “Regional Acceleration of Climate Action and Decarbonization” and exchanges surrounding nexus thinking and integrated policy-making tools.

Concept Note

Learn more about the series

Watch: Defining a Green Recovery

Agenda:  How do we define the essential and non-negotiable building blocks of a Green

Recovery strategy in service of Building Back Better?


Moderator: Mr. Kaveh Madani, Visiting Fellow, Yale University

• Mr. Steven Stone, Chief of UN Environment's Resources & Markets Branch

(R&M), UNEP 

• Mr. Daniele Violetti, Director, Finance, Technology and Capacity Building,


• Mr. Asad Naqvi, Head of Secretariat, PAGE Secretariat 

• Mr. Kamal Gueye, Coordinator of Green Jobs Programme (GREEN), ILO 

• Mr. Tim Scott, Senior Policy Advisor, Environment, Nature, Climate, Energy,


• Ms. Katja Funke, Public Financial Management Expert, IMF