25 Jan 2017 Technical Team Meeting


Inputs for discussion for the Technical Team meeting on 25 Jan 2017

Session 1: Welcome Remarks

FileDraft Agenda Technical Meeting (24 Jan).docx

Session 2: Feedback on PAGE Academy 2016 and National Academies

FileAcademy Overview profiles and evaluation

FileEvaluation results Academy

FileAcademy Action Plans

Session 3: PAGE Funding 

( To be shared tomorrow)

Session 4: Workplanning and Budgets for 2017

FileWork Plan 2016-2017.xlsx

Session 5: Streamlining of Planning Processes

File Planning and Budgeting Section of the Operational Manual.docx

Session 6: Review of country applications and expressions of interest for 2017

FileCountry Evaluation Summaries

Session 7: Initiating work in new countries

Session 8: Sustainability Strategies for Countries

Deepening and Expansion Section of the Operational Strategy

Session 9: Global services

File Exploring Actions for GE Learning and Experience Sharing beyond PAGE Partner Countries

FileGlobal Products Overview.docxFileGlobal Products Overview.docxFileGlobal Products Overview.docx

Session 10: Agenda setting: IGE on a global scale

FileDraft Agenda DSC Meeting.docx

PDF iconMinisterial Conference Draft Agenda.pdf

Session 11: Review of PAGE Retreat

FileDraft Retreat Agenda

Session 12: AOB and Closing