Sweden Extends Commitment to PAGE as the Partnership Embarks on New Strategy



Long-time PAGE funding partner, Sweden has announced a further commitment to PAGE for the year 2021 through the Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency (Sida). Aligning with the implementation of the PAGE Strategy 2021-2030, the contribution will directly support PAGE’s efforts to accelerate action on the Sustainable Development Goals.  

Working in partnership to help end poverty and implement the 2030 Agenda and SDGs is the main priority for SIDA — this is one of the key synergies with PAGE and its new strategy. As PAGE embarks on its second phase in 2021, enhanced collaboration and greater reach are crucial elements to deliver on the Decade of Action and support a green and inclusive economic recovery from  COVID-19 that will drive SDG-implementation.  

Sida believes that partnerships make us stronger, give us more momentum and enable us to reach beyond what we thought was possible,” says Sida Senior Program Officer Michelle Bouchard. “Partnerships are a key part of our strategy and it makes PAGE an excellent match.” 

It is within these strong partnerships, with partner countries, funding partners and institutions within and beyond the UN system, that PAGE was able to successfully complete its first phase from 2013-2020, and now, with the confidence and commitment from this continued collaboration, the Partnership will enter the new year duly prepared to strengthen inclusive, green economy efforts that will support realization of commitments towards the global climate and development goals.