Capcity-Building: New Courses on Green Business Growth

The  ILO estimates  that the transition to green economies and acting to limit greenhouse gas emissions could create 24 million jobs by 2030 and lift tens of millions out of poverty. Here are two new resources to support green job growth through ITC-ILO 

Fostering Green Business Growth:  What works and what doesn't in supporting green business development? Join this course to learn about green business growth strategies. 19–30 October 2020 (Application deadline: 16 October) 

Greening with Jobs Learning Forum:  Targeting professionals involved in designing and implementing local, sectoral, national and global strategies, this online forum is an opportunity to learn from world leading experts and engage with practitioners on how to harness the transformative potential of the green economy. 16 November - 13 December 2020 (Application deadline: 31 October)